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Production February 8, 2018    ,,


CUSTOM MADE PHYSIO GRAPHICS AND MEDICAL ILLUSTRATIONS 1. KT tape instructional illustrations: Clear “how to” graphics on how to apply KT tape to physio patients 2. Foot Strength instruction illustration: Keyline illustrations showing leg and foot physiotherapy movement to recover from injury 3. Knee Support graphics and Bicep anatomy graphic: Keyline graphic artworks showing anatomy

Production February 5, 2018    ,


THE BEST SPORTS INFOGRAPHICS We’ve worked on a whole host of sports infographics over the years, ranging from wakeboarding to golf. Time to show off some of the best sports infographics we’ve created for our global clients Wakeboard Park: Feature double page spread infographic on the water ski and wakeboarding cable park in Hamburg. Our sport

Production May 26, 2017    ,


Football drill infographics and training instructional graphics We’ve been lucky to created hundreds of infographics for FourFourTwo magazine over the past five years and would like to share some of passing drill graphics and training set-up diagrams we have created. 1. Shooting drill instructional illustration: Beat your man like Messi Emulate the Flea and leave