Infographic creator for Airbus

We were delighted to have worked on a series of explanatory infographics for Airbus. To start, we were commissioned by Oliver Heard to create a detailed A1 poster of all the aircrafts Airbus have made. All the artworks had to be reproduced in the same style and high detail. All the graphics were created in Adobe Illustrator as vector artwork.

We were then commissioned to do further work which is outlined below

1: The world of Airbus – A1 poster infographic detailing all the aircraft 

2: A330 aircraft – Close up to show detailed of the drawings

3: Zephyr Double page spread Infographic. Showing how the Zephyr operates within different scenarios

4: A380 plus information graphic – Showing the new layout of the plane and other improvements

5: Blade wing explanation graphic – Showing the laminar to turbulent transition point on different shaped wings