Fitness Illustrations and Exercise graphics

Who uses exercise illustrations

We have created thousands of fitness illustrations over the ten years we have been operating. Our first workout set was for Men’s Health magazine, eight figures on boxing exercises in 2008 (Pic1). Having regular exercise figures featured in their magazine acted as advertising getting us commissions from Men’s Fitness, Dare & Healthy, Runner’s World, Prima and Prevention magazine. Over the years we have worked for some great magazines, more recently getting regular fitness graphics and large feature exercise infographics in FourFourTwo (Pic2), FitForFun, Health & Fitness and 220 Triathlon. Coming into 2017 we worked on our largest set of exercises to date, creating 200 fitness illustrations for Fit Happens (Pic3). These figures are to be used in an app for smartphones. Still in production as I write this, but look forward to seeing it in action

Going forward with fitness illustrations

We consistently look to improve the fitness illustrations we create. Using new 3d software models in 2016, I’ve found I can get a better reference to use for the figures and get better details in the illustrations.(Pic4) I really enjoy creating these type of illustrations, hopefully in the not to distance future I would like to set up a website solely for fitness illustration. Ideally, I would offer some stock exercises to attract use of our artwork to bloggers and the like.

If your publication or business is looking for clear step by step guides, we would love to hear from you. You can also see more examples of work in the portfolio section


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