Exercise illustration and Sports graphics for Fit For Fun

We have been lucky to have worked together with Fit For Fun Magazine for six years now, mainly creating exercise illustrations, fitness graphics and workout guides. We have also worked on feature infographics throughout different sections of the magazine and a variety of subjects from how to swim, wakeboarding, cycling techniques and many other sporting pursuits.

See above some graphic examples of the great infographics and illustration we have done together over the years

1. A few of the many exercise graphics we have created for Fit for Fun https://www.fitforfun.de

2. Female fitness illustrations. Some of the artworks used in a double page feature

3. How to guide, SUP how to ride a wave

4. Sports Infographic: Beach Volleyball tactics and plays

5. Swimming technique, how to wall turn

We have been creating bespoke exercise illustrations for over ten years, if your publication or business is looking for clear step by step guides, we would love to hear from you. You can also see more examples of work in the portfolio section

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