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Airbus A380 Explanatory graphic

Instructional graphics

Spanish Flu infographic

Spanish Flu infographic

Infographic creator – Acute Graphics

Jason Pickersgill is an experienced freelance infographic designer, instructional graphics illustrator, explanatory graphics creators and creative maps illustrator. Operating from a small studio in Cornwall (Southwest England, UK) Acute Graphics have created thousands of infographic illustrations for a wide variety of clients worldwide.


Experienced technical illustrator

Offering a bespoke design service, whether for online or print publication. Using a vast twenty-year experience as an infographic creator, the aim is to keep things simple and make information clear to the user. I have worked on multiple subjects and variety of industries and have a myriad of illustration style to create unique and eye-catching visuals no matter the commission.


Why choose Acute Graphics?

You get access to my experience of working in the newsroom for some of the best-known media broadcasters, The Observer Newspaper, The BBC and Reuters News Agency. I’m use to collaborating with different experts and produced high-quality artwork under strict time limits. Further to working in the newsroom, I have twelve years working freelance for magazines, book publications, and websites for all different kind of subjects. Understanding a customer’s needs for high-quality infographics and illustrations with a reliable one to one service is what we do.

Award-winning graphic illustrator

SND Malofiej awards:

Jason Pickersgill has received multiple awards for infographic design working for Reuters New Graphic Service.


Please take a look through the portfolio section to get a feel for the type of work Acute Graphics could create for you. If you are after an infographic illustrator then you have come to the right place. Contact Jason at mail@acutegraphics.co.uk

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